In 2019, there have already been over 145 mandatory labor law changes across 38 states. We expect to have even more changes in 2020!

Get up-to-date with Poster Guard® Compliance Protection

Poster Guard Compliance Protection is the industry-leading labor law poster service, providing businesses comprehensive posting solutions, timely and accurate posting updates, and legal expertise you can't find anywhere else.

We care about Compliance


In-House Legal Team

Attorney-led legal team works on-site to answer your questions, assess your company's unique posting requirements, conduct legal research and interpret regulations affecting posting compliance.


Complete Coverage

We don't take shortcuts when it comes to compliance. Our service automatically includes all the postings you need to ensure compliance, including mandatory general-industry local postings, mandatory Spanish postings, industry wage orders, E-verify, workers' compensation, and no-smoking posters where required.


Timely Replacements

We monitor posting laws 365 days a year and whenever a mandatory update occurs we immediately notify you and race to ship your free replacement posters. All posters are shipped via UPS with tracking and signature verification.

Benefits that matter to you


Each shipment comes with UPS tracking and signature verification for who signed for the shipment


Proprietary alert system connects us to hundreds of government agencies so we can be the first to alert you as changes occur


QR Codes on all state posters link you to posting instructions and the latest information regarding your posters


Newly designed member's only website where you can add/edit locations, view invoices, & track shipments


Exclusive access to webinars designed to assist you in navigating the complex world of posting compliance


100% Compliance Guarantee with no maximum reimbursement limit

The Numbers speak for themselves

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"Poster Guard does the hard work for me. There are so many changes going on that it is difficult to track them by myself. I always know I am in compliance and my employees are correctly informed of their rights."

Belinda Hayworth
HR Specialist

"The pricing for this service is well worth it. I don't have to worry about keeping my posters updated."

Ian Bennett
HR Director

"It's simple to manage my account online. I also like that updated posters are automatically shipped when changes are implemented so I don't have to worry about it."

Theresa Muniz
HR Manager

"I like the ease of not having to worry if we are in compliance. Poster Guard lets me know when a change has been made and I look for my box of posters to arrive. They make sure all our locations are protected when there is a Mandatory change."

Jack Pine
Director of Human Resources

"The service is great for keeping on top of all the different sites in different states where we have offices. I know that the Poster Guard team is on top of all mandatory changes and gets us the posters that have to go up."

Jamie Goldstein
HR Coordinator

"You take the worry out of state and federal postings. I depend on Poster Guard to keep us compliant. I'm grateful that you do! I've had other companies contact me for the same service. My response is I trust Poster Guard and there is no reason to change."

Sonia Rodrigues
Office Manager

"I have confidence knowing our Fed/State posters are always in compliance. We always receive notifications if there are any changes in the laws and updated posters if required."

Stanley Moronta

"I love the options, services and overall functionality. They have thorough knowledge of our needs and send us automatic updates to keep us up-to-date on changes."

Wendy Samuels
Director of HR